What toys can I play with when I'm under pressure?

When you are under pressure, playing with toys can be a great way to relax and take your mind off things. There are many different kinds of toys that you can play with to help relieve stress. Some examples include:
  • Handmade toys, such as models or soap carving. These can be relaxing and allow you to express your creativity.
  • Sports toys, such as drones, skateboards, or bicycles. These can be a great way to get some physical activity and burn off energy, which can help relieve stress.
  • Puzzle games, board games, or video games. These can be a great way to challenge your mind and focus on something other than your stressors.

The type of toy that you choose will depend on your personal interests and preferences. The important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself while you are playing with the toy. Try not to get too worked up or anxious.

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